Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Update

Hello Beautiful Alums!

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of updates. Finals and preparation for my trip to Spain took over my life during the past two months!

When I get back to the States (around June 25th), I plan on going through a large box of composites that was given to me. I'll be scanning the composites and posting them on the Facebook group. If you could go through and tag yourself and others in the composites, that would be a huge help! If you would like to "claim" a composite (I have multiple copies of many of them), I can mail you a copy if you have provided us a mailing address.

Also on my agenda once I'm stateside is to go through the contact info we have on file. I want to make sure the contact info is up to date. This means you should expect some friendly emails from me. Please reply to these emails so I know that the email address is still in use! If I don't hear back from you and have a telephone number listed, I will make calls as well. I've begun this process by sending a message out to everyone in the Facebook group, so please reply at your earliest convenience with:

Your Name (Please include maiden name as well).
Pledge Class (Semester and year).
Graduation Year
Mailing Address
Telephone Number (Home or mobile).
Email Address 
We're looking forward as a chapter to continue our growth in sisterhood and philanthropy and hope to have your continued support!



PS: Here are some pictures from my trip to Spain so far. :)

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